The original Pointer Longhorn herd was established in 2006 with purchases from local herds and the herd was run on a commercial level for their meat eating quality and demand in the butchers shop and restaurant. 

Then in 2013 new lines were added from the Gorse, Treverton, Henisfield and Dunstall herds. 

Showing also began in 2013 with success at both Newbury and Moreton-in-the-Marsh Shows and then in 2015 Treverton Nettle won the Royal Welsh championship. 

2017 saw the second year of Pointer’s own breeding make the show team with Pointer Can Dance taking the headlines for the herd. Having taken various titles across the show circuit, he then went on to be named Bull of the Year by the Longhorn Cattle Society. 

Also in the team in 2017 was Pointer Caci who took reserve at the Royal Three Counties and Hanbury, completing a successful summer season for the Pointer team. 

Stock is offered for sale off the farm and as the herd progresses. Society sales will be tried to attract a new customer base as well. Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.