The livestock enterprises that currently reside at Lower Pointer Farm, Buckinghamshire, under the ownership of David Howden and family and management of Jamie Brewer, currently number 200 head of pedigree Longhorns, 30 head of Highland cattle, 35 Hampshire Down ewes, small flocks of Exmoor Horns and coloured Ryelands, and a small herd of Middle White pigs. 

Everything at Pointer is about quality, native bloodlines, priding ourselves on starting with stock that are fit for purpose and that can provide not only the desired genetics as replacement stock for the future growth of the herds and flocks, but also a superb eating quality for retail. 

The 500-acre farm is part of a larger 5000-acre country estate, with the all the grazing being completely ring fenced. 

As you will read on our cattle pages, the Longhorn herd was established in 2006 with the private purchases of females from the Gorse, Treverton, Henisfield and Dunstall herds. Showing commenced in 2013 at a regional level with major success happening in 2015 with Treverton Nettle winning the Royal Welsh Show. Further success followed in 2017 with many championships at both regional and national level. 

The Highland cattle came with the arrival of stock manager Jamie in 2013 with three of his own females and further private purchases and heifers purchased at Oban. 

With regards the sheep flocks, all three have been purchased for their native attributes with the Hampshires starting in 2013 followed by the Coloured Ryelands and most recently the Exmoor Horns. 

The Middlewhite Pigs were introduced for their quiet and easy to manage attributes, as well as their supreme eating quality, pork from these pigs is highly sort after at the butchery and restaurant. 

Pointer Pedigrees are fortunate to have in their team a dedicated and enthusiastic stockman in the form of Jamie Brewer. For those of you who don’t know Jamie, here’s a little bit about his background and journey to Pointer from Jamie’s point of view.

As a nine-year old boy I was fortunate when my parents told me we were moving in with my grandfather on his 450-acre dairy farm in Worcestershire. This was my idea of heaven as I loved being around him and his pedigree Friesian cows. It wasn’t long until he was taking me to livestock markets and local shows and my addiction to the livestock industry was born. 

When I was 16 I went to Stratford upon Avon college where I studied art, design and media. While I attended college I was given funding from the Government of £30 a week which was to be spent on pens and paper for my studies. I decided this money would be better spent on a cow so I paid £30 a week to local farmer who had Highland cattle and I purchased one and still have her with me at Pointer today.

As a young teen I was working closely with my good friend Charlie Edwards from the Craycombe Fold of Highland Cattle. Charlie spent an awful lot of time showing me the rights and wrongs of cattle breeding and showing.

I also worked for Richard and Rosamond Young of Kites Nest Farm in Broadway who have the first ever Certified Organic farm in Great Britain. This was an incredible place to farm and I have to thank them for the respect they give to their livestock which has rubbed off on me.

 I also spent some time at Daylesford Organic which proved to be an invaluable eye opener. I witnessed some excellent farming methods which helped me with designing The Pointer farm buildings and how the farm is run today.

I went to The Pointer Farm for an interview in 2013 and met David Howden over a coffee in his home in Buckinghamshire. I was drawn in from his enthusiasm for livestock which is exactly like mine so I knew it was the right move and that we could build something incredible.  It has been a roller coaster ride and tests me on many levels but I now manage a farm I’m incredibly proud of.

I sadly lost my Grandad five months after I left the family farm, but I really have him to thank for everything. He has always been my inspiration and to be exactly like him is what drives me to do the best job I can to make the Pointer farm and the livestock I have here a massive success.​